New Sheriff officially in town

Oconee County Sheriff Mike Crenshaw

The ceremony to welcome Oconee County’s new sheriff lasted only a few minutes and proceeded smoothly. Federal Judge and Oconee resident Tim Cain gave the oath to Mike Crenshaw and to all of the deputies and other personnel that Crenshaw will employ. Crenshaw, who is responsible for about 150 workers, plans to put a in full day of work on the holiday tomorrow, New Year’s Day, with several meetings planned on the first official day of his four-year term. Retiring Sheriff James Singleton attended this afternoon’s swearing-in, held in Oconee County’s fourth floor courtroom. Many of the uniformed and non-uniformed officers from the Singleton administration are staying to work for Crenshaw, who is someone many of them worked with before. The oath of office is one thing, but to be addressed as Sheriff, as Judge Cain later addressed Crenshaw, helped drive home the realization that on New Year’s Eve 2012, there is now a new Sheriff in town and who, as he says, is raring to go.