No Charges are “appropriate”

A prosecutor says that after reviewing the results of a state police investigation, her office has decided against pursuing criminal charges against as many as four people who were suspected of having voted illegally in this year’s Seneca election. Assistant Solicitor Lindsey Simmons spoke to 96.3 WGOG News on behalf of Chrissy Adams, the circuit solicitor. The solicitor’s office reviewed the investigation report from the South Carolina Law enforcement Division, a report for which 96.3 WGOG News filed a freedom of information request. The request for the investigation was made by the city of Seneca, after candidate Ernest Riley lodged a complaint with county election officials. Riley lost his re-election bid to city council by three votes. His spot went to newcomer Denise Rozman. Speaking to reports, Riley said he knew to be true that two people who voted March 11 did not live within the city. Assistant Solicitor Simmons expressed confidence that precautions have been taken to ensure that does not happen again.