No lockers, no problem, says principal

When Oconee school trustees settled on a final price to build the new Walhalla High School, they elected to forego student lockers and save a couple of hundred thousands of dollars. Besides saving money, they’ll be saving space that’ll make hallway traffic move smoother. But in winter when students come to school in coats and jackets, what’ll they do with their clothing while in school? It’s a question that already has been asked to at least one member of the county board of trustees. If the new Walhalla High experience is anything like what Danny Merck’s school experience last year, there should be no problems, in the opinion of Merck, principal at the one-year old new campus of Daniel High School. “Most students take their jackets with them throughout the school. They can leave it in their class during third period when they have lunch. It’s an individual choice to make if they want to take it. But very few go outside once they arrive at school,” Merck told 96.3/WGOG NEWS.