No municipal swim pool this summer

For at least this summer, Westminster will get out of the public swimming pool service. The decision to not open for the summer of 2013 was taken last night during a special city council meeting. City Administrator David Smith said the issue was resolved during a discussion of recreation priorities, and it was based on two factors. One is the federal requirement for a lift to allow handicapped individuals a way to get in and out of the Lucky Street pool. The other is what it will take to adapt or re-construct the swimming pool building. “….if we get a lift, we may be inviting a lot of handicapped people to come use our pool, which would be great, but then they would have no way to get to the pool from the building or from the pool back to the building,” Smith told 96.3/WGOG NEWS this morning. With Westminster closing its pool for this summer, there will be no public municipal swimming in any of the towns, unless something quickly changes.