No yapping on Yik Yak!

Oconee Sheriff’s Office and Oconee School District are calling the public’s attention to a new app, potentially dangerous for its capability to transmit slander and libel. As a result, the school district has blocked access through its internet servers. But that doesn’t stop students who bring their personal cell phones to school from accessing Yik Yak. “Our main concern with this app is the potential misuse of this technology by someone making libelous statements under the assumption that they can remain anonymous,” according to Sheriff Mike Crenshaw. “First students must understand that nothing is truly anonymous and information can be traced back to the source through the use of GPS technology. Secondly, anyone posting anything libelous against another person can be charged criminally.” Dr. Michael Thorsland, assistant superintendent for operations for Oconee public schools, says key to this is for parents to take active control over the kinds of apps on their children’s phones.