OC to assume municipal building regs

At its next meeting, Oconee County Council will consider absorbing building code duties in four of the county’s five municipalities. County Council Tuesday night is scheduled to consider in title only ordinances that would delegate municipal building code regulation in Walhalla, West Union, Salem, and Westminster to its building codes personnel. In recent times, the council has given attention to the numbers of inmates in its aging jail. On Tuesday, they are to consider what to spend on inmate food and decide the provider. County staff recommends a $150 thousand contract to US Foods of Fort Mill. Two Oconee County residents want to have a word with the council—an extended word. Signed up for extended public comment is Berry Nichols, who wants to address the recommended $15 road maintenance fee. Doug Young plans to address State Representative Tommy Stringer’s plan to increase the state gas tax. Council meets Tuesday night at Pine Street, starting with public comment at 6 o’clock.