Oconee couple married on that grey weekend 50 years ago

An Oconee couple celebrates 50 years of marriage this weekend. Their wedding took place on the day of the murder of President Kennedy’s alleged assassin. And Lois and Lou Hansen were at work at their jobs in Washington two days earlier when word from Dallas came of the Kennedy assassination. Horrifying as the events were, the young couple decided to go through with a wedding already planned. After crisscrossing the East Coast during their careers, the Hansens have settled on the Westminster area these days. On this morning’s Kris Butts’ show, Lois Hansen described her mindset about going through with their Sunday wedding that weekend—even though the country would remain in mourning for a president whose life was ended by an assassin’s rifle fire. They take a philosophic track when asked about their memories of November 1963. It was a tragedy for the country, but it was the start of a couple’s union that continues to this day.