Oconee incumbent defeated

Voters in Oconee District One gave the nod to Emma Cammick, in her bid for a county council seat. The unofficial returns announced last night gave Cammick, a political newcomer in Oconee County, 1,496 votes or 51.3% of the votes cast. Her supporters who gathered to await the returns at Pine Street reacted with delight that she was able to upend Paul Corbeil, the incumbent. Corbeil tallied 1, 418 votes, or 48.6%. Cammick’s winning margin was 78 votes. The District One contest provided the suspense last night, as the two candidates exchanged leads back-and-forth. With a favorable vote in his home precinct of Stamp Creek, Corbeil went down to the wire ahead by 33 votes. But it was the Keowee precinct that put Cammick over the top, giving her a margin there of 111 votes.  As the Republican nominee, Cammick advances to the November General Election as the only ballot candidate for Seat One, County Council. Her four-year term would begin January 1.