Oconee Nuclear Station Prepared

Officials with the Oconee Nuclear Station participated in a Forum Thursday night, in which officials discussed plans for flood control upgrades. The Nuclear Regulatory commission asked Oconee Nuclear Officials about plans for flood scenarios. Scott Batson, site vice-president of the Oconee Nuclear station said those scenarios fall in a range of one in half million or one in a million chance of occurring. However Batson said interim measures are in place and permanent upgrades are being developed. In order for the Oconee Nuclear station to be threatened by a flood, nearly a year’s average rainfall would have to fall within 72 hours. The Jocassee Dam, is 12 miles above the Oconee nuclear site, and federal officials estimate there is one chance in 3,571 year of the dam failing under normal conditions.  According to Batson, the Oconee Nuclear Station is prepared for even the remote possibility. Baston says the diversion walls, erosion protection, offsite backup power source, are all part of the Oconee Nuclear Station’s plans to mitigiate the risk, however remote the risk may be. In addition,  gas turbine generation system in Anderson County designated for the nuclear station’s emergency use is part of the readiness plan.