OC’s 2013 graduates total 780

By the time the ceremonies finish Saturday, Oconee School District will have sent out into the world with diplomas 780 students—the total graduates in the Class of 2013. The first ceremony, featuring 113 adult education students, takes place tonight in Seneca. Oconee’s four high school graduation ceremonies are Saturday at Clemson’s Littlejohn Coliseum. The numbers as are follows: Seneca High, 240 graduates this year; Walhalla, 216; West-Oak, 180; and Tamassee-Salem 31. Atop this year’s senior class are the following valedictorians: Grace Elizabeth Moxley at Walhalla; Elizabeth Evans at Seneca; Jaret Screws at Tamassee-Salem; and Landon Stevenson at West-Oak. In all, Oconee seniors qualify for more than $20 million in scholarship money. There are 319 Life Scholarships—most at Walhalla—and 43 Palmetto Fellows.