Opposed “rather vehemently”

Some in South Carolina may believe the closing or downsizing of state job service offices is the way to go, but Bill Sandifer is not one of them. The state lawmaker in whose district one of those job centers is located is part of an effort that seeks to keep functioning Seneca’s office on Radio Station Road and others like it. But he’s fearful that Governor Haley, as is her prerogative, will exercise her authority to veto what Sandifer and others want to preserve. “I’m not in favor of the changes and I’ve expressed that to the Department of Employment and Workforce rather vehemently. When you look at the remote areas of Oconee County, it is totally inadequate to force people to drive the distances the distances they may have to drive to go to another center for services,” Sandifer said this morning. The state representative also doesn’t think much of the idea that libraries, in place of job centers, will now serve as the place from which South Carolinians file first time claims.