OSB road show tomorrow and Thursday

Oconee school trustees this week are going to try to keep up with the Jones’s when it comes to what’s fair and feasible for athletic facility expenses, as part of the plans for the new Walhalla High School. Chairman Andy Inabinet and other members of the board plan two days of visits to Seneca and West-Oak high schools in their county and to D-W Daniel High School in Pickens County. The visits are to take place tomorrow and Thursday. There may be other stops as well, according to Inabinet. The chairman today explained the board’s action of last week in not approving the entire $55 million costs, as recommended during a presentation by the Walhalla High architects and general contractor, was taken to allow the start of the first stages of construction on the academic buildings to go forward while the trustees decided exactly how much to spend on athletic facilities at the new school.