“Penny” applications begin to mount

Official word is out on two requests pending before the Oconee Capital Project Sales Tax Commission to share in the potential of one-cent local sales tax money. The board of trustees for the Oconee Public Library this afternoon announces a special meeting 4 o’clock Wednesday afternoon, January 8 at the Seneca Branch Library to review and approve an application “to fund new (and expand or improve existing) library facilities in Oconee County.” Chief among those facilities is Seneca. There, the new library project and its location have been debated for years. But library leaders are adamant that 1-cent sales tax proceeds address other needs, also, such as renovation of the Walhalla library and building new branches in Salem and Fair Play. The special meeting is open to the public at Seneca’s 300 E. S. 2nd Street. Walhalla City Council this week agreed to seek $250 thousand for water and sewer projects in an application to the Capital Project Sales Tax Commission.