Police nab sustect wanted in three states

An Illinois man arrested in the lobby of a Seneca hotel is wanted by authorities in three other states. And John Covington, Seneca police chief, says authorities in one of those will extradite. The police yesterday arrested Michael Marin Ghimes of Barrington, Illinois on charges of breach of trust with fraudulent intent and giving false information to law enforcement. The police say their arrest of the 58-year old Ghimes came as result of a complaint from a Walhalla resident who claimed Gnimes promised to reimburse him for room bills at the Hampton Inn and Suites and for the cost of a car the victim claims Ghimes coerced him into buying for Ghimes. Covington says Texas, Florida, and Michigan have outstanding charges for the suspect, and Texas is willing to extradite him to stand trial in the Lone Star State on charges of larceny, theft and forgery.