Project Lifesaver: Saving Lives and Helping Families

Anyone who has been a caregiver or a parent to a child with Down’s syndrome or Autism or someone with a form of dementia knows the difficulty to provide care to their loved one. That’s especially in cases in which an individual must be watched 24 hours a day or can easily leave when one least expects it. The Walhalla Pilot Club four years ago received a grant to buy a receiver and two transmitters from a program called “Project Lifesaver.” The Oconee Sheriff’s Office signed an agreement to coordinate the program. “Project Lifesaver’s motto is ‘Bringing Loved Ones Home,’” according to Rhonda Morgan, victim’s advocate for the Sheriff’s Office. “It is a tracking program, where each individual person on the program is assigned a transmitter that has its own frequency assigned to it.” To place your loved one in the program, you are invited to qualify by contacting either Morgan or Vickie Bottoms, another crime advocate, at the Oconee Sheriff’s Office.