Proterra makes a statement

The following statement was released today on behalf of Proterra, the maker of Seneca’s fleet of electric buses. The statement, from Heidi McNary, vice president of marketing, reads, “We recognize that there has been some public concern about the delay in getting EV buses into revenue service in Seneca. Any advanced technology requires careful vetting, road testing and a degree of issue resolution. Some of these issues have arisen over the course of the stringent testing Proterra and CATBus have conducted on Seneca’s behalf. Proterra remains 100% committed to the reliable operation of our buses in Seneca, and we are working diligently along with our valued partners there to ensure that the buses that will go into revenue service in Seneca will be of the highest quality. We believe in taking the extra-measures to deliver a top-notch product, thus ensuring that the launch into passenger service is seamless. To ensure optimum performance, the buses will undergo extensive quality testing at the Proterra manufacturing facility, followed by a thorough inspection. After these steps are complete, the buses will go into road testing on the routes in Seneca, so citizens can expect to see the buses tested before they go into service. All of us at Proterra are proud of our buses and the positive impact we know they will have on the City and people of Seneca. We appreciate the commitment the City has made and will do everything we can to ensure our mutual success.”