PRT commissioners make their choices

Oconee’s commissioners of Parks, Recreation and Tourism have recommended the allocation of $20 thousand of A-TAX funds to help several organizations to hold festivals and provide entertainment—all of which will help the county’s goal of growing its tourism business. The commissioners cast their votes at a meeting today in Walhalla. It was as much about who didn’t get money as it was about who did. Organizations such as the Walhalla Civic Auditorium and Seneca’s ½ Marathon are getting A-TAX money. Among those denied funds was the Oconee Chamber of Commerce in Seneca and the first-year Museum of the Cherokee in the county seat. The Oktoberfest Committee, as part of the Greater Walhalla Area Chamber of commerce, was recommended for a $3,770 grant. The votes are in the form of recommendations to be sent to County Council for approval. And Rosemary Bailes, commission chairwoman, congratulated her colleagues for devising a new formula to help them decide who deserves what.