Rabun County Stabbing

By Craig Salmon, WRBN

One man is killed and another charged with murder following a stabbing on Friday afternoon.

Forty seven year old Alden Leeland Hass was pronounced dead at Mountain Lakes Medical Center following the incident, and 51 year old William Edward Owen was charged with murder.

According to witnesses, Owen was living with a woman identified as Debra Baynard at the residence on Joe Speed Road where the stabbing occurred. Witnesses say that Owen and Baynard had a disagreement the day before the incident, causing Baynard to leave.

It is reported that Baynard returned on Friday with the victim to retrieve her belongings. Witnesses say it was at that time an altercation occurred which ended with Owen allegedly stabbing Hass twice.

Sources say that it is possible Debra Baynard and the victim may have had a relationship.

The initial investigation did not indicate that any alcohol or drugs were involved.