Rain is nemesis to Sheep Farm’s final touches

In spite of delays caused by rainfall, the new Sheep Farm Road near Seneca will likely open to the driving public one day next week, according to the DOT resident construction engineer. Because of how rain has interfered with the completion of the project in recent weeks, Ryan Miller is reluctant to predict the exact day or moment. Yesterday Miller said he believed the opening would be the middle or latter part of next week. Seeding of the highway shoulders and blinking traffic lights are signs that, after what seem like two long years, the work is finally coming to an end. Ever since the DOT four and a half years ago disclosed the potential routes Sheep Farm would follow from its old terminus to highway 28 at Tanglewood, project proponents have carried the hope that the new five-lane Sheep Farm will be able to divert some of the heavy traffic from S-C 28 in Bountyland and at 28 and 123, Miracle Circle in Seneca headed to and from the Wal-Mart and other area shopping centers.