Rain unlikely to deter campers

What a difference a year makes. This time last year Oconee County baked in temperatures in excess of 100 degrees. So dry and hot that an island which caught fire in Lake Keowee was allowed to burn itself out. Unless you’ve been in a coma, you know that the first half of this year has been extraordinarily wet. 96.3/WGOG predicts lots of rain tomorrow on Independence Day eve. But Phil Shirley says that’s not going to keep down crowds at Oconee County’s three parks. “We’re full at South Cove and there are probably no more than 10 sites left here at High Falls. And I would say 15 sites or so left at Chau Ram.” That means near 90% occupancy and what’s left, he says, is likely to be grabbed by the weekend,” said the executive director for Oconee PRT. And, don’t feel sorry for the campers if it gets wet. Shirley says they are an industrious lot who keep busy playing cards, taking day trips, among other activities.