“Really pleased but not happy”

What is the attitude of Oconee’s first-term sheriff as to how his first year in office went down?  Well, Mike Crenshaw is “really pleased, but not happy.”  In a 2013 year-end report to local reporters, Crenshaw gave an accounting of his first-year administration—with statistics that covered everything from routine type crime all the way through homicides, of which there were four in 2013.  And, incidentally, the start of the second month of 2014 has already seen two homicides, including one over the weekend.  The sheriff explained this pleased but not happy attitude this way:  “Drugs are still a problem.  I won’t be happy until we start seeing the numbers of meth labs start going down, the number of drug arrests going down,” he said.  The Sheriff’s Office narcotics squad dealt with 239 drug cases in 2013, but the true number doesn’t reflect all of the drug cases that the Sheriff’s Office encountered during routine operations.  The Sheriff’s Office counted four major drug round-ups, including one that targeted those who allegedly conspire to break the drug laws. Crenshaw vows those roundups will continue.  The 239 cases by the narcotics division represented drugs seized worth more than $270 thousand—$185 thousand of which was the drug methamphetamine.