Regretting the job losses

The impending loss of about 600 jobs with the closing of the Seneca plant of Covidien was a prime topic during at least two meetings yesterday involving county and state officials. As one participant put it last night, it probably gets down to a corporate decision on which government has no influence to change, though one county councilman remains hopeful the Seneca Covidien workers might be able to buy the plant and operate it. Commenting on the job losses, a cashier at a Walhalla restaurant asked, “What are we going to do with this county?” 96.3/WGOG NEWS asked a panel of county leaders during a program last night at Seneca High School whether today is the day that another 300 workers lose their jobs at West Union’s Itron plant. County Administrator Scott Moulder said it’s a hard question to answer and talk about. District One County Councilman Paul Corbeil said it’s his understanding that mid-September is the time for layoffs at Itron, but they are not to take place all at once.