Resolved: to go forward!

The Oconee Capital Project Sales Tax commissioners have signed off on seven projects for ballot space this fall, and it’s onto County Council. In November, the voters will have their say on whether paying an extra penny in local sales tax is worthy of seven projects that promise benefits from one end of the county to another. The projects given a thumbs-up include new libraries and the construction of a county indoor recreation and aquatic center. It would also build a county farmers market. It now falls to Russell Price, the commission chairman, to present the projects to County Council. The council will have the role of approving and prioritizing the order for which they will be undertaken. In all, the commission figures that over an eight-year period it will be necessary for the tax to generate nearly $36.5 million. According to County Administrator Scott Moulder, simultaneous with the start of the tax would be a bond issue to generate what’s needed as up-front money. County Attorney Tom Martin told the commissioners last night that, in his view, they should be proud of their months of work evaluating which projects are ballot-worthy. One commissioner, Thelma Miller, said she recommends Oconeeans vote yes on the referendum.