Restructure bill now law in SC

Senator Thomas Alexander applauds Governor Haley for helping push through a government re-structuring bill that’ll reform how the state’s business is done in Columbia. Haley’s signature yesterday made S. 22 law. It abolishes the five-member Budget and Control Board and creates the Department of Administration. That cabinet agency is to be responsible for executive and administrative functions. Alexander, the Oconee-Pickens Republican, said, “The Department of Administration means that South Carolina will finally have a more responsive state government that it deserves. While the road has been long and winding, I commend Governor Haley for sticking to the path that has completed the journey with her signature.” Forty-nine states now have a Department of Administration, or something comparable. An appointee of the governor oversees the state’s back office functions, including human resources, information technology, real estate and facilities, budget development, and fleet management.