Rivera receives life sentence

A judge sent an Anderson man to prison for the rest of his life today in a case that involved the murders of two people. Raymondeze Rivera was convicted in 2008 in the murder of Asha Wiley. Two years later, he was tried for the murder of Kwana Burns. The 2010 conviction was overturned this year by the State Supreme Court. Solicitor Chrissy Adams said, “Raymondeze Rivera is a violent and dangerous man who has shown no remorse for his crimes.” An Oconee defense lawyer, Danny Day, was involved in the case in a couple of capacities. Day told 96.3/WGOG NEWS, “Mr. Rivera will be spending two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole for his crimes, and I think that’s probably the best way to end this.” Originally, Day served as Rivera’s lawyer. He later became an appointed guardian ad litem for the defendant.