Roads clear, quiet night

Life’s returning to normal, at least somewhat normal, for Oconee County–just in time for Valentine’s Day. A quiet night reported, with no major Oconee emergencies. Oconee County, City of Seneca, City of Westminster are among the government offices open at regular time this morning. Clemson University opens at 10 a-m. Once again, however, Oconee public schools and Tri-County Tech have called off classes again today. Oconee’s plan is to re-start school Monday morning. And Monday night the county trustees are to discuss snow make-up days. Most of this week has been lost to the snow and ice. The winter storm has completely passed South Carolina. DOT reports mostly clear conditions. Some counties have transitioned from de-icing to debris removal. City of Wahalla trucks yesterday hauled off piles of snow from Main Street. Fallen trees remain a significant problem in many counties. Interstates and primaries are in fair to relatively good condition with some isolated patches of snow and ice. Temperatures are below freezing in much of the Palmetto State and there’s concern for re-freezing. Many secondary roads are covered with snow and ice. Drivers should be alert for the possibility of black ice.