S.C. 11 walker nears half way

For a good cause, an Oconee sheriff’s officer is spending much of his off-time walking the entire length of S.C.’s Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway. Norman Dukes is accepting pledges to help the transition class of Tamassee-Salem high School’s special needs program raise money to offset transportation costs to events away from campus. So far, Dukes has approached close to the halfway point on a walk that began at Fair Play and is to end at Gaffney. There is much to see and experience along highway 11. His closest safety call, so far, came at the Lay Mill Bridge north of West Union, when he had to take to the guardrail to avoid a car that tried to pass another, despite a solid double yellow line. And, sadly, Dukes has had to witness first hand the results of indiscriminate littering along S.C. 11. Countless examples of roadside littering–hamburger wrappers, beer cans, liquor bottles.