Sanctuary Pointe economic impact

Construction jobs, permanent jobs, large tax payments. That’s what the lead spokesman for Sanctuary Pointe says Oconeeans and South Carolinians can expect from their 325-acre planned development on an I-85 peninsula leaded by the Army Corps of Engineers to the South Carolina PRT—and then subleased to Sanctuary Pointe LLC. At the end of last night’s public information meeting, Sanctuary Pointe’s Elmon Henry made a point of thanking, among others, Chairman Joel Thrift of the Oconee County Council for help and cooperation. Thrift was an audience member last night, and afterward told 96.3/WGOG NEWS he’s excited about the development group’s plans. Developer Henry projected that Oconee and South Carolina will enjoy a $38 million benefit over ten years from sales and accommodations taxes, not including, he said, real estate taxes. He predicted 450 construction jobs at the minimum and permanent jobs of between 550 and 650.