Sen. Graham now a Paul Harris Fellow

Lindsey Graham’s job in Washington prevents him from attending meetings of the Walhalla Rotary Club. But since his days as a Walhalla lawyer more than 20 years ago, Senator Graham has been a dues-paying member of the club. And today the club took time in Graham’s presence to award their distinguished member an award emblematic of Paul Harris, who founded Rotary in 1905. And long-time Walhalla Rotarian Lamar Bailes says Graham easily qualifies as someone who embodies the ideals of Paul Harris who strive for peace and greater world understanding. Graham expressed his gratitude and modeled his remarks in accepting the award in a tone to give hope to students in the audience and to the adults in general that, while the U-S and the world face huge problems, there is hope they can be solved. But, in referring to objectives such as defeating radical Islamists and straightening out the country’s financial troubles, Graham says it’s going to take time. Graham is hopeful he’ll have more time to try to do that. He’s in a battle to be re-elected to a third, 6-year term. “I’m very confident I’ll get re-elected. In the six years that would l follow my re-election, I want to use the time I am there to do the things we should have done 20 years ago,” Graham told 963/WGOG NEWS after his remarks to the Rotary Club meeting.