Seneca declares war against grease and food wastes

Seneca Light and Water has declared war against grease and food wastes from entering the drains of their customers and, ultimately, the city’s sewer lines. And they are hoping to enlist everyone’s help. A citywide restaurant and food service inspection and treatment program is not enough, according to utilities director Bob Faires. It’s also important that all homemakers keep cooking grease from entering the lines. The utilities department is worried that deposits plug up the lines—causing overflows and backups. Those backups can potentially cost the homeowner, if they occur on the customer’s side of the meter. Here are some tips being provided to all Seneca Light and Water customers: discard all leftovers and scraps into the trash for trash collection, not down the garbage disposer. Before cleaning pots, pans and utensils drain liquid grease into a jar, can or paper cup—if that grease has cooled. Wipe the pots and pans with a paper tower to remove all the grease. Discard the paper towel into the trash.