Seneca Woman Helps Rebuild Botanical Gardens

A Seneca woman is one of the many ClemsonUniversity students who helped rebuild the Botanical Gardens after last year’s flood. Katie Frontek of Seneca was part of the team lead by Professors Daniel Harding and Paul Russell which spent the last nine months rebuilding bridges, trails, and signage. Officials say the Botanical Garden is now fully operational and back to normal. John Bodiford, the manager of the Gardens and senior horticulturalist of the Botanical Garden says the wide range of students at Clemson and all of the other volunteers did tremendous job. Following last year’s torrential rains, repairs to the garden was estimated to be more than six figures. Patrick McMillan, director of the Garden, turned to Clemson’s School of Architecture, awarding a contract to its architecture studio course to build new bridges. Clemson’s students and professors took it from there, operating first like an outside architectural firm, then as construction managers and workers as the project took shape.