Senior Solutions wing “re-opened”

At Seneca this morning, South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Glenn McConnell complimented Oconee’s Senior Solutions for its services to senior citizens. McConnell, a former state senator in his first year as lieutenant governor, gave the featured talk for a symbolic ribbon-cutting for a renovated wing of Senior Solutions. McConnell referred to a $300 thousand grant from his office, along with corporate donations, to remodel a wing of what used to be a segregated school house during the last century. Doug Wright, executive director for Senior Solutions, recalled that once the building was identified as a former Rosenwald school for African-Americans, funding sources then became easier. While public and private sources have been generous to help senior citizens, Lt. Governor McConnell warned of a “gray Tsunami” on the horizon, in which the number of South Carolinians reaching senior citizen age will be greater than the money and services to help them. Of the state commission on aging’s request for five million dollars of funding, two million was approved by the legislature.