Sewer line from GCCP to Seneca

The Seneca city administrator says negotiations with Oconee County are progressing for the city to be the collector of sewage to be generated at the county’s Golden Corner Commerce Park at Fair Play. Greg Dietterick told the mayor and city council last night that, from the city’s standpoint, the project is “very doable” and it’s a matter of working out the charge the county will pay Seneca for collecting the sewage. Dietterick described what’s being considered as similar to Seneca’s project to run a line to Duke’s Oconee Nuclear Station. Part of it is to be a forced main system, part of it to be gravity flow. Dietterick says a copy of the proposed contract is being circulated through the Joint Regional Sewer Authority. A confident Dieterrick said, “I think we’ll be able to flush toilets down there. Permission was so granted during last night’s special meeting. For a long time, Jim Alexander, the now retired economic development director, had cautioned leaders and the public not to expect the Golden Corner Park to develop without first the necessary utilities in place.