Sewer South slowdown?

A letter this week questioning whether the project to sewer southern parts of Oconee County is in a delay has prompted a response from the county administrator. On behalf of Voice of Southern Oconee, Glen McPheeters acknowledged that Scott Moulder, county administrator, had given a timeline in March at a meeting attended by more than 50 VOSO members. But McPheeters complained that, over more than 10 years, there have been empty promises. And McPheeters asked Moulder this question: “Has something transpired since March that has caused what appeared to be a well-oiled project to significantly slow down?” In reply, Moulder quotes the project engineer to say that advertising for construction bids begins Monday, August 12 and will remain open for 30 days. According to Moulder, under that timetable the project engineer’s recommendation will go to the Oconee County Council September 18 and notice to proceed would be issued the next day. Moulder added, “Keep in the mind that this bid is for the force main sewer line only, which of course is the longest part of the construction process. We will in turn bid the pump station construction after we hear about the ARC grant award of $500,000 sometime in September.”