Sheriff appeals budget cuts

Oconee Sheriff Mike Crenshaw objected last night to County Council’s decision to pare the proposed budget to the extent that it will deny the Sheriff’s Office $220 thousand dollars. Reading from a prepared statement, Crenshaw told the council that the cuts come at a time when the public is demanding more of his office—such as more patrols, more drug enforcement, and more help toward various other problems. Crenshaw appealed two different ways. Looking toward Joel Thrift, council chairman, Crenshaw said, “As a constituent of District 4, Mr. Thrift, I do not want you to cut law enforcement in my area. As Sheriff of Oconee County, I plead with all of you to support the needs of our citizens and the safety of my employees.” The appeal made inroads with at least two councilmen. Wayne McCall said he would like any additional state money that is approved to go to the Sheriff’s Office. And Paul Corbeil echoed McCall’s sentiments.