Sheriff’s Candidate Forum

The three petition candidates for the Oconee Sheriff’s race came together at a forum Thursday night, and they all three agree… Oconee’s biggest problem is drugs. During the forum, sponsored by the Clemson Area League of women voters, each candidate offered his idea of how to address the county’s drug problem. Former Oconee Sheriff’s office captain, Mike Crenshaw, pointed out his plan of prevention, enforcement and treatment. Crenshaw says that’s what sets his plan apart from those of his opponents. Donnie Fricks, who is also a former Oconee Sheriff’s office captian, said he was the only candidate who had established anti-drug programs with both the Sheriff’s Office and the Seneca police department. Chief Deputy Terry Wilson said the Oconee’s Sheriff’s Office has an effective drug enforcement program, but Wilson problem was the ease with which drug offenders are released. All three candidates also agreed, communication is critical between the Sheriff’s Office and local police departments. The three men will meet in another debate before the election. The next debate is October 30th at the Walhalla Civic Auditorium. The general election is Tuesday November 6.