Sheriff’s Office gets a new tool anti-drug tool

Frankie Pearson says ordinance 2013-18 won’t stop illegal drugs in Oconee County, but will help keep drug paraphernalia out of public view. Pearson, who ran last year for County Council, congratulated the council last night for giving final approval to an ordinance that will forbid stores from selling items that are fashioned into crack pipes and marijuana cigarette holders. Pearson said he has been especially worried about the potential to influence children to use drugs when they see stores selling drug paraphernalia. And just how do you know what constitutes drug paraphernalia? Some of Sheriff Mike Crenshaw’s officers last night gave a display demonstration—-including a glass device used as a bong to smoke marijuana. Crenshaw said his office is glad to have the law and sees it as a tool in the war against drugs.