Shoplifting suspect jumps into car and demands a ride

A man snatched four shirts from Belk’s in Applewood Shopping Center and ran across the highway. But, according to the Sheriff’s Office, the accused did not get far. The suspect in Wednesday afternoon’s theft was stopped by the highway patrol at a nearby intersection, and he was eventually issued a ticket for shoplifting. The shoplifting suspect is reported to have jumped into another man’s car and directed that man against his will to give him a ride to a bus stop. Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jimmy Watt identified the man charged with shoplifting as Reginald Leon Holden, 33 year old Seneca area resident. Until officers were able to straighten out what happened there apparently was confusion at South Fourth and Wells Highway, where Holden was placed into custody. An Oconee doctor posted a note on his Facebook page to let his friends know that he had nothing to do with the crime. According to Sheriff’s spokesman Watt, the man whose car the fleeing shoplifting suspect jumped into has told officers he prefers not to press further charges against Holden.