SPD presses burglary charge

The police at Seneca have filed charges in an eight-month investigation of a home burglary. City officers drove yesterday to Stephens County, Georgia and picked up Jonathan Allen Finney and charged the 31-year old Townville resident with burglary second degree and petty larceny. According to Captain Jeremy Rothell, Major of Operations, Finney is charged with the crimes March 13 at a home on N. Old Mill Road. Rothell said the victim of the burglary came home to find a dark-colored sedan parked in her driveway. “After several minutes, the sedan backed out and when the victim questioned them, “Rothell said, “the subjects in the car stated they were looking for landscaping work. The victim told them that their services were not needed and they left” But when she entered her home, she discovered several pieces of jewelry missing, according to the police officer.