Stadium issue to be kicked around

Look for the Oconee school board to kick around the issue of whether to build a new football stadium simultaneous with building the new Walhalla High School some time in the new year. Talk in the Walhalla community had the school board, at its meeting last night, would vote on whether to add the stadium to the project, but it didn’t happen. But Dr. Michael Lucas, county superintendent, said, “There was no plan to take a vote on any part of WHS. We’re expecting that will be something to consider once the bid/maximum price options are shared in early 2013 by Trehel. I got several e-mails related to costs for the athletic fields in the community. I believe this was part of a discussion at the school improvement council meeting at Walhalla High. I think they were concerned that costs may prevent all items from being in the final package . . .but it’s premature to know that this point.” Trehel, the project construction management company at risk, is due to give the district a guaranteed maximum price.