Suspicious vehicle sighting leads to arrest

An Oconee sheriff’s deputy spotted a suspicious car on the premises of a business closed for the night. That sighting two weeks ago led to the arrest this week of a 32-year old Seneca man, charged with possessing tools capable of being used in a crime. The deputy found a dark-colored Honda backed in close to a chain link fence that surrounds the Clemson 4-Wheel Drive Center on highway 123. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the deputy later stopped the car leaving the business and questioned the driver. On Monday, an arrest warrant was issued for the arrest of Larry Ulmer Clark Jr. “The warrant states that Mr. Clark had in ‘his possession gloves, a hammer, and a small pry bar, all instruments commonly used in the commission of burglaries and under circumstances evincing an intent to use…,” said Jimmy Watt, Sheriff’s Office public information officer.