Tech cuts $785 dollars from OC budget request

Tri-County Technical College delivered a new budget request of Oconee County today that seeks $785 dollars less than that which the county is funding this year. Dr. Ronnie Booth, college president, predicted the Oconee County councilmen would like what they saw—even before the councilmen received a handout that breaks down Tech’s requests of its three service counties: Oconee, Anderson and Pickens. The presentation came during a luncheon meeting at Duke’s World of Energy. It’s an annual get together of the council and Tech officials that is as much about operating funds as it is college enrollment and curriculum. Tech’s total request of Oconee County in the new government year that starts July 1 is $1,041,000. For physical plant operations, Tech seeks $750 thousand. For capital renovations, the college requests $291 thousand. Last year’s physical plant operations were funded at $750,785. Tech today lopped off $785 dollars from that part of the budget request.