The Audits gets the assessment he needs

The South Carolina Department of Revenue has provided Oconee County the assessment to be used to calculate what the county’s top taxpayer will owe. The total 2013 assessment as determined by the DOR is $132.5 million, as compared with $132 million in 2012. The increase is offset by state industrial credits and, according to Oconee Auditor Ken Nix, provides a net increase of $140 thousand over last year. Nix says Duke’s tax bill can’t be calculated until the millage is set next week by Oconee County Council. But using last year’s rate as an estimate, he says, Duke will owe about $27.1 million. That compares to 2012’s 27 million, 40 thousand, 493 dollars, 86 cents. “We do anticipate a slight increase in millage so Duke will be paying a little more than this estimate,” Nix said.