The costs to expand bus service

The Oconee County administrator admits to some trepidation when it comes to all that will be involved if the county is to help bring about expanded passenger bus service. During a question period after his talk yesterday to the Walhalla Rotary Club, 96.3/WGOG NEWS asked Scott Moulder if he’s scared by the figure of between $700 thousand and $1 million a year to operate a “CAT” bus service loop connecting Seneca, Walhalla and Westminster. “The operational clot isn’t what scares me it’s that initial investment into the buses themselves,” Moulder said. It’s that initial investment, he said. The federal government offers funds for mass transit and, Moulder says, Oconee is exploring those funding options with its elected federal representatives. Oconee County is in the process of creating a commission to look into the project. If you would like to be considered as a member of the commission, contact County Council Clerk Beth Hulse.