The day is at hand

A light rain or, in some cases a sprinkle, has arrived in time for Election Day 2012. Apparently, however, neither rain, nor a recent hurricane, will stop the nation’s voters from their duty to elect a president. Nor will Oconee voters be stopped from finally deciding the office of county Sheriff. General Election Day is at hand, and already nearly seven thousand Oconeeans have made their choices by casting absentee ballots. In all, it’s estimated, more than 46 thousand Oconeeans are eligible to vote. Between one-half and three-quarters of those eligible to vote often vote whenever the county elects a sheriff and helps elect a president. The polls will be open 12 hours, from 7 a-m to 7 p-m. 96.3WGOG has set its plan for covering the results, with our live coverage beginning at 7 tomorrow night. We invite you to stay tuned for that. We will also stream our coverage over the worldwide web and, as soon as results begin to trickle in, post them on our website at