The police make drug cases

The police in Seneca made weekend drug cases—two of them yesterday and one late Friday night. Two persons were arrested on multiple charges. One person was being sought. The police indicate that the driver and passenger in a sedan are facing the likelihood of manufacturing methamphetamine charges as the result of the Sunday afternoon radar stop in a church parking lot on Overbook Drive. By this morning, the driver and his passenger were being held in the Oconee Detention Center on orders of temporary custody. Earlier Sunday, a police officer detected the smell of marijuana at East Main and North Cherry and charged a car passenger, Alex Samann Webb, 30-year old Clemson resident, with marijuana possession and two other offenses. The police say they stopped a Honda Accord a short distance away, but the driver ran. A separate instance of marijuana smell proved troublesome for the driver and the passenger of another car—this one during a marked safety checkpoint late Friday night at Wells Highway and W.S. 4th Street. After the police deployed a canine to sniff the exterior of the Chevrolet, two Salem men—driver Albert Joseph Rogers, 47, and passenger Jerry Eugene Poole, Jr., 44, were arrested and charged with drug and other offenses. The police say they seized suspected drugs and other items and placed them in an evidence locker at the police station.