Timing for A-G’s opinion questioned

Dr. Michael Thorsland, acting superintendent for Oconee public schools, is questioning the timing for county Treasurer Greg Nowell’s request for a state Attorney’s General opinion aimed at solving a money dispute. Nowell intends to seek that opinion this week on whether he was correct to deny the school district a portion of fees and penalties accrued from tax payments. It’s money that amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars that, Thorsland says, the district has been getting every year until Nowell’s action affecting funds from 2012-13. According to Thorsland, Nowell should have sought that opinion before he acted. Nowell told 96.3/WGOG NEWS there’s agreement to allow the Attorney’s General opinion to be the decider of the dispute. But Thorsland says the state Department of Revenue’s position should be considered. And that position, according to Thorsland, is that the money in question should go to the schools.