Tracing Walhalla history

Bill Segars lives in the Pee Dee region of Hartsville, but he takes great interest in the history of the Episcopal Church in South Carolina—especially in the Upstate. “So tell everyone,” he said, “especially the City of Walhalla, what a jewel they have in the St. John’s Church building. In my opinion, Old St. John’s Meeting House is one of the remaining original ones, even with its moving history.” St. John’s was moved from Short Street to the Jack Kelley property in 1982, and then to Kaufman Park in 2009. Walhalla’s Maxie Duke, in an article, writes of the discovery that the Rev. John Dewitt McCullough, who designed 20 church buildings in South Carolina, including one in Seneca, served St. John’s Episcopal Church for a number of the years. The church has since been de-consecrated and re-named Old St. John’s Meeting House and Wedding Chapel.