Transit consultants make their recommendations

Consultants say, in a survey of Oconee residents, they find a hankering to expand passenger bus service from Seneca to other parts of the county. County Council last night received an update on a study conducted for the county by URS Consultants. Representing that company, Chip Berger said, “We have determined that it is extremely feasible for the county to expand the transit service.” But the key, he said, will be the cost.  Berger threw out figures of $700 thousand to $1 million a year just to expand CAT into Oconee from its Seneca routes, and he urged the county to begin to try to find a funding source. URS recommends a task force and talks with both Seneca and Clemson Area Transit. Berger says there should also be a study to which routes the buses should expand. Bus passenger service is now free, but the URS consultants say they find that Oconeeans who would the bus if it were available would be filling to pay a fee, if needed.