Two financial institutions to join hands

Oconee Federal Financial Corporation, holding company for Oconee Federal Savings and Loan, and Stephens Federal Bank are announcing today a merger agreement. The acquisition means the addition of Stephens Federal’s offices in Toccoa and Clayton, Georgia to Oconee Federal’s four branch network in Oconee County. Stephens Federal’s three offices will operate as branches of Oconee Federal, once the merger is completed. “We look forward to welcoming Stephens Federal and their customers into the Oconee Federal family. We believe the integration of the two institutions’ personnel and operations will be quite smooth due to our similarities in operations,” said Curt Evatt, president of Oconee Federal Financial Corp. Under the terms, depositors and borrowers of Stephens Federal become depositors and borrowers of Oconee Federal and will have the same rights and privileges in Oconee Federal MHC—the mutual holding parent company, as if their accounts had been established at Oconee Federal on the date established at Stephens Federal.